Karma Connects

How You Can Help

Thank you for supporting AZ Happy Tails (AZHT).  If you would like to continue  supporting the work of our non-profit organization, we would like for you to consider becoming a member of Karma Connects.  Please continue reading to understand a little bit more about our rescue and to see how your Karma Connects donation can help us continue saving dogs!

AZHT does not make a profit on most adoption fees and with the older, sick, and injured pups we rescue, we tend to break the bank.  This is where Karma Connects comes in to help keep AZHT afloat!  Karma Connects chose AZHT as one of three valley non-profits to support because they believe in what we are doing.  This is truly an honor knowing that there are hundreds of other local dog rescues they could have chosen to support.  

Karma Connects is doing big things in our community and we’re proud to be a part of it! To learn more about Karma Connects itself, please go to their website: karmaconnects.org.  They have an awesome website that is easy to navigate.  

Here’s how Karma Connects works for AZHT:
  • Memberships are $10.00 every three months! Yes, only $10.00 quarterly!  
  • Karma Connects finds that with the power of people, each person donating an affordable amount, like $10.00, can turn into an amount that will really change the lives of more dogs in need and allow AZHT to do so much MORE!
  • Think about it like this, 300 Members x $10 every 3 months = $3000 every 3 months!  WIth those resources imagine how many more dogs in need AZHT can help!
Here’s how to sign up!
  1. Go to www.karmaconnects.org
  2. Under PROGRAMS (top center of page) there is a drop down box
  3. Click AZ Happy Tails
  4. Scroll to middle of page. There is a green box with membership options
  5. Select your membership, 1 year – 5 years
  6. You’ll log in through your current PayPal account to pay or set one up. It’s very simple and very secure.

That’s it! You’re a member and you’ve helped save more dogs in need!  Now tell your family and friends how EASY and AFFORDABLE it is to sign up and help AZHT!  Once you’re a member, we will be offering a quarterly newsletter to all members! It’ll be a fun way to for everyone to see updates, upcoming events and see how they’re helping!