Adoption Application

Thank you for your interest in adopting an animal from AZ Happy Tails! Please carefully read the important information below.

AZ Happy Tails works out of the Chandler-Phoenix metro area. We prefer local adoptions due to our home visit requirement.

Our Adoption Process:

  1. Please fill out an application and return it to
  2. If you are having difficulty using the application, please copy the contents of the application and insert into an email with your responses.

  3. Your application will usually be viewed within 48 hours upon sending.

  4. A Happy Tails representative will contact you regarding the status of the animal and with any questions. If your application is approved, we will schedule a home visit with you.

  5. The required home visit is completed with a Happy Tails representative and if the placement is a good fit, finalization will occur.

The safety and life time well-being of our animals is our main priority, so please read each animal description carefully as there may be requirements for the home an animal can be adopted to. All animals in your home presently must be altered (spayed or neutered) in order for you to be considered for an adoptive placement.

We treat our fosters like family. We will not consider placements where dogs will be an “outside” dog. Dogs are family members, not lawn ornaments.

The adoption process begins with the potential adopter filling out an application for adoption of an animal. Each application will be reviewed by an AZ Happy Tails director as well as the animal’s current foster placement. If the application is approved, a representative from AZ Happy Tails will contact you to schedule a home visit. We try to work quickly and will can usually contact a potential adopter within 24-48 hours after receiving an application.

A home visit is required as part of the adoption process. This is done to ensure the safety of the animals, as well as to ensure the perfect fit in an adopter’s home. This is especially important if the potential adopter has other animals in the home. The person conducting the home visit is usually the animal’s current foster placement. This is an important time for the foster placement to relay important information to the potential adopter as well as for the potential adopter to ask questions about the animal to their foster placement.

Please note that AZ Happy Tails directors work full time jobs during the day as our work with the rescue is voluntary. Please be patient while we review your application. Many thanks.