Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday, December 3rd is just around the corner and we are forever grateful for your continued support! This is a special day of global giving to the causes you love the most…ours being dogs, of course!!

NOTE:  On Giving Tuesday, December 3rd,  Facebook will be matching all donations starting at 6:00 AM, up to 7 MILLION DOLLARS!!  Bonus: Facebook does not take any fees on donations to non profit organizations!

Hamish was found wandering the streets on Christmas Eve 2018, severely underweight, missing hair in patches, and covered in scars.  It appeared that he’d been living on the streets for quite some time and that his previous life was a difficult one.
He happily walked up to the right Good Samaritan who took him in and likely saved his life. During his time in rescue, in addition to all the love and care he received, he’s also learned that toys and bones are for playing with, meals come consistently, so you can take your time and enjoy each bite, and a crate is a safe space to relax.
Even with his history, this boy exudes nothing but infectious happiness. (except when we try to get a professional photo!)  His name is descriptive as well as he is a big Ham” and loves any attention given to him.  He wants to be friends with all people and animals, but he’s so easy-going that when the love isn’t reciprocated, he happily moves along!  He doesn’t quite know that he’s a 65 lb dog, so he can be a bit of a bull in a china shop , but he will ALWAYS leave you laughing!
As we prepare for Giving Tuesday, your support can help us save more dogs like Hamish!
Generosity is contagious. When you participate in #GivingTuesday you’re participating in a global movement for generosity and can inspire others to join in.
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